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Preview: Twisted Metal (PS3)

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Twisted Metal: Black

Twisted Metal: Black (PS2)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Vehicle Shooter
Release Date: 20/JUN/01
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I had so much fun with this game. They've definitely revamped the gameplay. Pace feels faster, more customization, helicopter is awesome, launching patients strapped to gurneys strapped to rockets is even more awesome, and the huge team multiplayer was hectic but felt somewhat class based. I love it.

After years of me going on the record as saying that Sony hasn't had anything going for it in the home market, I can honestly say that this looks like the year of the PS3. I saw so much at E3 that has me convinced.
That's so on my list. :}
Oh man, I haven't played Twisted Metal since Twisted Metal 4. Arghhhhh damn PS3 hogging all the vehicle glory to itself!
There was Twisted Metal: Black on PS2.
I played 1-4 on the PS1. Never bought a PS2 because the PS1 couldn't compare to the N64, and the only games I liked on it were Spyro, Twisted Metal, and Megaman Legends.
I played the PSP very and it was really fun... I know I played a version on a console, but don't remember which version.
@bettadud In-game yes, but the cinematic potential was greater on PS1. Also, really? Ps1 was inferior to n64 so you didnt get a PS2? But the PS2 was clearly on par and in some ways better than GC and Dreamcast. I have a hard time following that logic, but I saved up and got both. If you didn't get a PS2, you missed out on a LOT of great titles.
And that last comment may spark some serious debate, but look at my game list, I am an equal opportunity gamer.
@bettadud And to be fair, I was also a N64 apologist to the Nth degree. I defended titles that were indefensible, like Blast Corps, but after a while my friends showed me all of these really great titles on PS1 that converted me. I still played both, but I guess it boils down to your fav genres are.
@rawkr Yes the PS2 had a lot of great games. Still never owned one.

@rawkr Now that I think about it, I saw a Gamecube being sold for $30 at a Gamestop, so perhaps a PS2 may be just as cheap.
50-60 bucks, not sure if they still sell the new ones. Last I checked those were under a hundred bucks, but this was a while ago.
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